Suman Sangam-- A forest farm
Opportunities on the farm
Short duration -- one or two weeks

Long duration -- six months to one year.

1. Volunteering on the farm to help / learn
      a. Organic / natural farming
      b. Vermi composting
      c. Bee keeping
      d. Seed conservation
      e. Grafting
      f. Value addition
      g. Building beautiful mud bamboo and tree houses

2. To spend time in solitude -- to be in communion with nature -- to    do meditation.

3. To stay on the farm and write that best novel of yours , compile        your poetry collection , do painting , do nature or bird photography.

4. To practise music all by yourself -- vocal or instrumental

5. To do bird watching / butterfly watching.

6. To learn swimming and tree climbing.

7. To do seed art, seed jewellery , mud jewellery etc.

8. To do contemplative fishing.

9. Eco friendly/responsible tourism/picnicking.

You are in Dharwad - Hubballi (twin cities) just in transit or for only a couple of days. and you dont want to increase your carbon footprint by staying in a hotel in city. you wish you could spend your hours in a quiet sylvan place -- in as simple and eco friendly way as possible -- may be with an hour or two of bread labour thrown in for the joy of it. Then Suman Sangam is your destination.

10. To conduct/organise workshops and camps on issues pertaining to ecology, organic/natural farming, healthy food, meditation, meaningful education, solitude and silence, eco friendly/sustainable living.

Only one rule -- you will have to put in manual work for an hour or two everyday