Suman Sangam-- A forest farm

"Eating is the last act of farming"


Suman Sangam is a song Mother Earth started humming for us in January 1996, when we purchased 17 acres of barren land 10 km from Dharwad in Karnataka India. We named it "Suman Sangam", meaning Confluence of Flowers and also Confluence of Good Minds. That is exactly what we want our forest-farm to become over time. By forest-farm, we mean what was once a big grazing land has now become a green patch of forest with an ever-increasing diversity of flora and naturally fauna. We don't have a blueprint for Suman Sangam -in fact, we never had one. It has been blossoming on its own in many different ways, frequently providing us pleasant surprises.

But, from the very beginning, we had certain well thought out broad principles about our work and involvement in Suman Sangam. First and foremost, we decided to be as eco-friendly as possible in all our efforts and operations on the land, and thereby slowly and steadily also make our own lifestyles as eco-friendly as possible. All along we have tried to be as natural and holistic as possible in all our efforts.

Mother Earth continues to add a new line every season to our song of Suman Sangam. Come once to listen to this heavenly nay earthly melody!